Baking a 2lb Home-made Bread Loaf Video - Sliced Loaf

In my infinite wisdom I've decided to make a video. I have wanted to do one for a while for the website, but to be honest I didn't have the confidence. It's a sort of 'out of comfort zone' thing. Anyway, today I said “sod it, I'm going to do it” and I did.

I chose a recipe that is very simple yet very hard to accomplish well. I've been practising baking bread for a number of years at home, sometimes done well and sometimes awful. I've had to learn my ovens in various houses/flats, the temperature and humidity of the weather, the flour needed etc. It has been an experience, but now after a number of tips picked up from the bakery I think I can do a tutorial of 'home baking' for you.

You will need good flour, preferably bakers flour (I buy mine from my boss) and a lot of patience.

Please don't take the mickey too much, I made it with no script hence the 'ums' & 'ahhs' and you'll have to excuse the kids screaming in the background, this is a house with a family after all. If you do actually like the video I believe you can give me a thumbs up on the screen. Don't bother with the thumbs down ha ha. Enjoy!

Baking a 2lb bread loaf at home....

Baking a 2lb Home-made Bread Loaf