Baking a 2lb Home-made Bread Loaf Video

In my infinite wisdom I've decided to make a video. I have wanted to do one for a while for the website, but to be honest I didn't have the confidence. It's a sort of 'out of comfort zone' thing. Anyway, today I said “sod it, I'm going to do it” and I did.

Shortcrust Pastry

I've been testing different quantities of the ingredients for shortcrust pastry. This is where I'm at now, I'm happy with the results the recipe gives. The pastry is light and crumbles nicely. The recipe makes around 8 small tarts or 2 large. I use it for quiches and egg custards.

Home Made Croissants Recipe - How I got on

I've wanted to make croissants and pain au chocolat at home for quite a while. I've been put off doing it because I'd heard it is fairly difficult to achieve a good product. The other day it was miserable outside, I had plenty of butter in the fridge so I though lets give it a go.

PlayDdoh? No, it's a simple real bread dough!

Today I decided to make a simple bread dough so that my son could use it as PlayDoh. The idea being is that he could make designs which I could then prove and bake later. It is no different to a standard bread dough. The idea in principal worked fine however I'm not sure he completely understood the connection between this dough and PlayDoh.

Baking Bread at Home

Baking bread at home can be a, well, interesting experience. Ever since my first attempt to bake bread I have had many problems trying to achieve the 'perfect' loaf.