The first recipe that I posted on this site called for baking paper to be used to bake the biscuits on. Most cooks will have used this before, but I'm sure there are a few people that haven't.

What is baking parchment? What is baking paper?

Baking paper & baking parchment are basically the same thing. It is the special paper that is used for baking food that is heat resistant and has non-stick qualities. It saves greasing tins or trays.

As far as I'm aware the name depends on what you're used to calling it. Personally I call it baking paper, I've known others to call it parchment paper and sometimes baking parchment.

Reusable baking sheet

There are specialised versions of reusable baking parchment that allow the paper to be washed and reused many times. They are more durable than normal baking paper however they do cost more to purchase initially. For my larger baking trays I have a number of these reusable baking sheets, they are very good. I just wash them clean then hang them up using pegs to dry. They don't take long to dry off and then they can be packed away for another day.

Is standard baking parchment reusable?

My answer to this question would be most definitely yes. This is what I've been told whilst working in a bakery and I'm inclined to agree, with certain rules however. You've got to use your loaf (had to get that pun in there), common sense will tell you whether the baking paper is reusable. Inspect the paper after you've finished with it.

Is it covered in grease? This could be from either savoury or sweet food. If yes, the grease when heated again is going to give off the smell of oil and probably give some of the taste of the original food stuff to the second. This is not going to be good so this sheet of baking paper is a gonner.

Does the paper have sugar or sugar based remains? If yes, once again it's come to the end of it's life. Sugar is going to burn when it's heated.

If it's relatively grease free just brush off any crumbs or remains into the bin, fold it and keep it for another day. After all, it's already the correct size for the baking tray.

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