Removing and preventing rust on a wok

Just thought I'd share this simple tip that we use at work to stop the woks going rusty between uses. I've experienced the problem myself at home, I come to use my wok and there are little rust spots.

Why is my wok going rusty?

Sometimes when you clean a wok you need to scrub a bit to remove any signs of food. This causes little scratches on the surface of the wok and this is usually where the rust spots appear.

Removing rust from the wok

Normally this will be a simple case of just giving the wok a good scrub and clean. The preventing the rust from returning by using the tip below.

Preventing rust on the wok

All you have to do is after you have cleaned and dried the wok is get a bit of kitchen roll, dip it in some cooking oil and rub it into the wok. This will leave a thin film of oil on the surface preventing the wok from rusting whilst it is stored. The other benefit is you have a pre-oiled wok ready too!

Hope this tip helps someone else out, it didn't occur to me until I got told to do it and now I do it every time.