Techniques and Tips

Any type of recipe will have some kind of measurements involved. There are many types but overall I prefer imperial. Here's why...

Removing and preventing rust on a wok

Just thought I'd share this simple tip that we use at work to stop the woks going rusty between uses. I've experienced the problem myself at home, I come to use my wok and there are little rust spots.

Over the past six to nine months I've noticed the food bill each week for shopping going up and up. The budget that we used to use has been easily exceeded, so we've had to employ some rules.

Descaling coffee machine at home

Many coffee machines get used daily, like the household kettle. We all know that over time kettles fur-up with limescale, so do coffee machines except we don't see it because it's inside. It is very important to clean or descale the coffee machine regularly.

The first recipe that I posted on this site called for baking paper to be used to bake the biscuits on. Most cooks will have used this before, but I'm sure there are a few people that haven't.


In this section I will be showing how I cut larger bits of meat down to size.