Edimax EW-7811UN 150Mbps Wireless

Here is a quick review for the Edimax EW-7811UN 150Mbps Wireless Nano USB Adapter which I bought recently.

Since moving to BT Infinity we've had a new router capable of dealing with Wireless N devices, supposedly capable of higher transfer speeds. I'd been connecting my desktop computer to the router via a 54g Ethernet converter from Buffalo up to now. It has worked tremendously well, but it was time to upgrade the transfer speed to accommodate more bandwidth.

The set up I have is a Windows Media Centre desktop which streams Media Centre live TV and recordings to the xBox 360 which is connected to the telly. I'd been having problems with bandwidth, the picture stuttered and even failed completely sometimes.

I needed something to connect at Wireless N which was also cheap. I found this Edimax Wireless N Nano adapter on Amazon and thought this was just the ticket. So the order was put in.

Being a USB device it's pretty simple to install. I used one of the front USB ports on my computer, the adapter doesn't protrude much because it's low profile and I wanted to cut out as many obstacles as possible between it and the main broadband router. The adapter comes with a CD containing the drivers. Initially I just installed the bog standard program that came with it, although after looking through the options I uninstalled this and let Windows extract the drivers from the disc so I could use Windows' networking programme.

The connection speed I'm getting is not the full 150 Mbps the unit is rated at, now this could be the BT Home Hub 3 it's connecting to doing this or the distance is too great. I'm actually connecting at 75Mbps and the difference in speed of internet use is much faster compared to the old 54G unit, so I'm still pleased. Also, I've run a network check using the Media Centre Network Tuner and I'm now getting bandwidth within the 'Acceptable for HD TV'.

Since changing over to the Edimax adapter we are no longer getting picture breakup on the Media Centre Extender, so pretty much mission accomplished.

I would definitely recommend this adapter, although maybe not their third-party programme on the disc (just let Windows install the driver). I bought it for around £8 on Amazon, I've provided a link below if you'd like to look at the product on their website.