RockFace Shave Butter

I've been asked to have a try at some new men's shaving product, I thought why not I may like it.

When it comes to shaving I'm not really keen to be honest. I avoid it as much as possible. The reason being is that shortly after shaving I get a really sore neck, particularly just above the Adam's apple. Obviously this annoying pain puts me off shaving, no one wants to spend the morning with a burning neck.

The Rock Face shaving butter is designed to hydrate the skin before and after shaving. In the past I've used an after-shave balm with limited success in reducing the soreness. The shave butter sounded spot on, definitely worth a try.

According to the instructions the shave butter is to be massaged into the skin, wet or dry, then proceed to shave as normal. I got a bit confused at this stage, did it mean shave with foam or gel as normal in addition to the butter? I went with yes, because even though I knew the shave butter had moisturised the skin I didn't fancy shaving without foam.

The shave went as per normal, no particular changes. However after washing my face afterwards I did notice my skin was cooler than normal. By this stage my neck area would have started to become sore and hot.

I applied the shave butter again in place of my usual after-shave balm, massaging it in and leaving it to dry naturally. Still no sign of soreness, this is good! I carried on my morning's household chores without any hint of soreness or rash too.

In my opinion the RockFace Shave Butter definitely helped with the morning shave, making more pleasurable afterwards. I may be inclined to shave more often based on this result, which would please the wife no end.

Priced at £4.99 for 75ml it's around the same sort of price as other men's shaving balms, and it states in the description I should get 30 shaves from one tube. I imagine this is true as I didn't need much to cover the shave area.

Perfect stocking filler at this price too, so ideal for a little Dad's present this coming Christmas.

Available to buy online from their website at