Swift compact digital kitchen timer

When you're busy in the kitchen baking or cooking it's important to have at least one timer on hand. Especially if you have the family running around at the same time; it only takes a small distraction to lose track of how long something has been cooking for meaning you may end up with under or over cooked food. I don't get on with traditional egg timers so digital timers are the way to go.

I've been asked to try out the Swift compact multi-function digital timer kindly supplied to me by Viking-Direct via their online mail order service. To be honest, I thought they we just a stationers, but after looking through their website they have a large range of kitchen supplies too, both commercial and domestic.

A small, well built countdown timer

I've been using the timer for three or four days now, and so far so good. Essentially the build is primarily plastic, very light and pocket sized, it does feel strong though so I'm confident it would take a knock or two. It has a belt clip on the back, which also doubles up as a stand; simply press the belt-clip and out pops a support allowing it to be free standing.

Personally I use the magnet on the back of the timer, I've got the timer on the freezer. I feel that anything on the worktop could get damaged due to spillages or by things being dropped, so I keep the timer out of harms way and it also keeps the worktop less cluttered. I've also realised that a timer which can be kept out of reached of children is a big advantage, they like pressing buttons!

Simple timers are the way to go

I've used to naff kitchen timers before, generally their downfall are the buttons. The Swift kitchen timer, being compact, does have small buttons which could be a little bit bigger; however they are soft touch and respond well. I haven't had an issue where I've been pressing a button and there hasn't been a response. There are three buttons for operation: minutes, seconds and start/stop. Not complicated, which is nice because there is no need to be. On the back there is also a mode button which allows you to have clock mode, and also set an alarm.

Overall thoughts

A good digital timer for the kitchen, as kitchen gadgets go it's not the most interesting however it is in my opinion a kitchen essential. For just over £5 it's not expensive and you won't be disappointed, there are many more expensive countdown timers out there which are over engineered for the job. Simple is best and the Swift kitchen timer does it well.

If you would like to see the product on Viking's website you can find it here: Swift compact digital kitchen timer