Bahlsen PICK UP! Chocolate Biscuit Bar – Review

I've been asked to try out some new biscuits and seeing as I'm not someone that usually turns down chocolate I decided why not. They are a called PICK UP! by Bahlsen, a German manufacturer who produce a wide range of continental biscuits and confectionery such as Leibniz biscuits.

Snack sized chocolate biscuit sandwich

The biscuits look great, two golden biscuit layers sandwiching a thick layer of milk chocolate which is 45% of the total biscuit! They certainly look appetising and weighing 28 grams are perfect snack size which I had whilst I was out working early this morning. They come in packs of five ideal for lunchboxes during the school or work week.

Crunchy biscuit, chocolate melts on the tongue

As you bite into the bar there is a definite crunch from the biscuit layers, but not so crunchy as to put off children; my kids were quite happy munching their way through a bar. The milk chocolate layer is generous, I particularly like the melt of the chocolate on the tongue shortly after the bar has been bitten into.

Nutritional Information

Each bar contains 143 calories which is 7% of the daily recommended adult allowance, which is not bad considering it contains 43% milk chocolate. Salt appears low, which is obviously good, 0.05g per bar which is 2% of the recommended amount for an adult.

UTZ certified cocoa

Bahlsen use UTZ certified cocoa in their PICK UP! biscuits and other products. UTZ cocoa means that it is certified that it comes from sources that use sustainable cocoa farming techniques along with responsible management of natural resources. UTZ certified products carry the UTZ logo showing the companies commitment to sustainable and responsible farming. Definitely a 'thumbs up' for this!

Where can you get the Bahlsen PICK UP! & how much?

According to their website the biscuits are available in:

  • Tesco
  • Morrisons
  • Sainsbury's
  • Waitrose

However, whilst checking the prices myself on their websites I could only find the product available at Tesco & Waitrose.

Price-wise both Waitrose & Tesco are selling them for £1.69 for a five pack. This works out to be around 34p per bar which is not too expensive considering they are a good sized bar with plenty of chocolate in each one. I would say they are worth their asking price.

Overall thoughts

They are very nice biscuits indeed, I can say that it has been a pleasure trying them. I'd recommend you trying them too, either for yourself or for your family. They offer good value for money and provide a tasty alternative to the traditional snack bar favourites. Verdict – 8 out of 10.

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