Devnaa Dark Chocolate with Almonds & Honey - Review

This is my first ever chocolate review, hopefully not my last. I've really enjoyed making myself think about chocolate rather than just eating it.

All too often we eat food stuffs and just pile it into our mouths without considering taste, texture, smell and most importantly how it makes us feel.

So, on to 'le chocolat'. The first one is a dark chocolate including almonds and honey from Devnaa. They describe themselves as experts in Indian derived sweets and confectionery. They use traditional recipes passed down through the family to produce an excellent array of sweeties and treats.

The packaging is simple, their logo proudly shown at the top and the dark brown background respecting the dark chocolate it covers. On opening I found the smell deep and chocolaty, even for my smokers nose. This is a good sign I thought.

Devnaa Dark Chocolate with Almonds & Honey - Review

Looks-wise I found the tablet simple but elegant with the swirl from their logo imprinted on each chunk. When broken up you can clearly see small chunks of almond throughout, well distributed and not too large. Normally with mainstream chocolate I find the chunks of nut are huge considering the size of the bar, so I find this a pleasant way to present the almonds.

And we get to the taste! Strong chocolate flavour with a good after taste. I find dark chocolate can give me a less than pleasant after taste normally, not the case here. Almonds, as expected, presented themselves fairly strongly adding a nice, but gentle, crunch for the teeth. My only disappointment was that I couldn't detect any honey taste at all. Maybe it's my untrained taste buds, but as a consumer I'd expect more honey flavour.

I believe at this point I should rate the experience! Looks I have given it 7/10, it was nice to look at but it didn't knock my socks off. Taste I'm going to have to go for 7/10 again, this would have been an 8 or maybe 9 if the honey was there. Value I wanted to put down 7 (yes again), but my wife says it's an 8, so we'll go with her decision on that one as she's more likely to buy chocolate than me!

Overall then, 7.33/10. Good score I think. I'm pleased with my first experience of chocolate tasting. I hope that Devnaa are happy too, because it's a good tablet of chocolate and would appeal to many. I'd urge you to take a look at their website as they have lots of other treats on offer, especially with Christmas coming soon!

Devnaa Dark Chocolate with Almonds & Honey - Review