Betty Bakes Heavenly Cakes - Online Cake ShopBetty Bakes, based in Hertfordshire, is an online cake shop specialising in traditionally made cakes and treats using the best ingredients, no additives or preservatives.

As they say on their website, 'Just like mum used to make'. The way Betty Bakes Heavenly Cakes is by using 'real' local free-range eggs, British butter, flour & sugar. They even use authentic Belgium chocolate.

Betty Bakes also have a range of gluten free products providing cakes and treats for people with Coeliac disease. These include gluten free brownies, chocolate cake and flapjacks. This is definitely a good thing as there are not many companies that do this. It's always good to see one step out of the 'comfort zone' to provide a specialist product.

I've had the pleasure of trying two of their offerings. The Toffee Crisp and the Gluten Free Chocolate Cheesecake. I am pleased to say both were excellent.


Betty Bakes Gluten Free Chocolate CheesecakeBetty Bakes Gluten Free Chocolate Cheese Cake

The presentation of the cakes as I opened the parcel was professional. The film wrapper clearly showed off the greatness within, the Chocolate Cheesecake. Behind the label you could see the swirl of light and dark, like a yin and yang. I placed the cheesecake on a board to examine the layers, definitive and inviting. I had been looking forward to this since I knew they were on their way.

My weapon of choice, the teaspoon, sliced into the cheesecake with ease promising good things. It didn't disappoint. Goey top layer with a, to coin a phrase, 'buttery biscuit base'. Initially I thought this would be too rich to finish, however the chocolatiness (if that word exists) reached an acceptable level and stayed there.

As the title suggests, this is a gluten free cake. I do not have a problem with gluten so would normally avoid gluten free products just because I'd expect it to taste different. To be honest if it hadn't been marked 'gluten free' I wouldn't be able to the difference between this one and one which contains gluten. It certainly has made me realise that just because something is designed for a special diet it doesn't mean that others can't enjoy it too.

A super cake.


Betty Bakes Toffee CrispBetty Bakes Toffee Crisp

A smooth chocolate layer stares back as I look down on to the crisp, I know there are some Rice Krispies in there somewhere. As I cut though I feel the crispy layer, there they are. So we have chocolate layer, check, Krispies, check, and I spy some toffee there too, check. Once again, like the cheesecake, pretty rich but not overly so. Very moreish I find, definitely not a sharing slice!

Toffee, chocolate, Krispies... say no more.

A winner.


Overall thoughts on Betty Bakes

This is the first time that I've had food delivered via courier. It is definitely something I'll do in the future and Betty Bakes will be the first stop. A very friendly company, quick delivery and most importantly their cakes are delicious. I would thoroughly recommend you take a look at their website and browse through their choices. Every better, order some for yourself and find out just how good they are!