Tesco Professional Fluted Quiche Pan

I've been using this Quiche Pan for just over a week now and the results are good.

I've not actually prepared a quiche using it yet, but I have made a Tarte aux Pommes and an Egg Custard.

The pan itself it made of metal, grey in colour and has a nice heavy feel to it. The dimensions are 25.5 cm x 3.5 cm so it produces a pretty decent size quiche or tart. The base sits nicely inside the fluted edge, the fluting gives a lovely shape to the pastry.

I bought it because our tart tins are a little small, so I thought I'd invest in a tin that has a removable base to release the tart easy after baking. One the first use I didn't grease the tin at all, rolled out my pastry and popped it straight in. Working with the fluted edge was easy, using an index finger and thumb on the outside to form the shape with the pastry was a doddle. This was only the second time that I'd made my own pastry so it was a bit rough around the edges. The first use I baked a Tarte aux Pommes which came away from the side easily when the bottom was pushed up.

I noticed a patch of slightly under-baked pastry to one side of centre which I'll be checking on next time I bake because I noticed the same area on the Egg Custard. Initially I thought it was my rolling technique with the pastry and perhaps I'd left a slightly thicker area. However, it has appeared twice so either the pan has a cold spot or my oven is not baking evenly. I'm thinking it's my oven because on inspection of the tin base there are no apparent defects.

On their website, at the time of writing, they have a price of £6.21 which initially I thought was a little expensive for home baking, but then after using it I'm completely happy with the price because two out of two desserts have not stuck at all. It gives me confidence that the pan will not stick in the future, assuming of course it is looked after and not scratches appear.

Definitely a good purchase and would recommend this Quiche pan to anyone that would like to have an easy time baking pastry.

Tesco Professional Fluted Quiche Pan