GenWare Can / Tin Opener from Viking – Review

Whether you're at home of in a commercial kitchen, reliable kitchen utensils are a must. There's nothing more annoying than attempting to use a utensil and it lets you down at your moment of need. The two main things are durability and easy-to-use design. Recently I tested this tin opener from GenWare supplied to me by Viking Direct.

Look and feel

The GenWare tin opener is pretty sturdy feeling affair. There is a solid handle for grip and no play in the open/close mechanism. It's built so that the handles are held in the left hand, and the winder is operated by the right hand. Very smooth operation and little effort required to turn the winder.

The can opener has a gear arrangement that drives the circular blade around, making it easier to open the tin you are working on. My previous tin opener didn't have this feature and would often slip when it lost grip as the blade struggled to cut through the metal.

Additional Features

It has a bottle opener on the end, handy to have around. Nice little addition combining two utensils in one. Finally it has holes at the end of the handles allowing it to be hung for storage choices.

Overall Thoughts

In comparison to other tin openers I've had and used over the years this is definitely a 'good' one. I can see that I'll be using for quite some time to come due to it's sturdy feel and comfortable use. It's not expensive too, at less than £5 you get a decent kitchen essential for your money. Definitely worth a look. You can take a look at the product page here at Viking Direct: GenWare Tin Opener