Vegetarian Dishes

Egg fried rice recipe

One of my favourite dishes which I've learnt to cook at home is this egg fried rice which tastes just like the local Chinese takeaway. It's always nice to have a takeaway of course, no cooking involved and less washing up! But we can't afford to have takeaway all of the time.

Quiche with red pepper, sweet potato and onion

Thought today I'd do some pastry work, haven't done any in a while and needed to keep my hand in. Also needed to come up with a mail meal for the family, so quiche was a good option. Using the basic quiche recipe I thought I'd try my own choice of ingredients. My choice worked quite well which is a nice feeling because it means I'm starting to learn flavours.

Vegetable Stir-Fry with Black Bean Sauce

Very tasty vegetarian option to go along side a Chinese themed meal. Works great as a main accompanied with rice.