Chicken breast steamed in a pressure cooker

If we haven't had a roast chicken I like to prepare chicken for sandwich fillings nowadays using the pressure cooker. Using the trivet and basket it's possible to use the pressure cooker to steam the chicken breast.

The steaming method of cooking chicken means that the chicken is very moist after cooking, perfect for sandwich fillings. I tend to do this when I'm going to make chicken mayonnaise or just sliced chicken breast.

When steaming chicken using the pressure cooker cooking time is reduce and the meat is evenly cooked, ending up white throughout rather than browned on the outside when it's either shallow fried or roasted.

How to steam chicken using the pressure cooker

  • Using the trivet to raise the meat up, fill the pressure cooker with water to just underneath the meat level.
  • Bring the water up to boiling and secure the lid.
  • Steam the chicken breast for 15 minutes under pressure.
  • Decompress the pressure cooker then check the meat is cooked fully, either using a temperature probe or slicing through the thickest breast.
  • Allow to cool before slicing or chopping the chicken breast to ensure the meat has rested.

The chicken is now ready to be either made into sandwich fillings such as: Chicken mayo; Coronation chicken; or just left plain if you wish. Refrigerate the cooked chicken if you're not using it straight away.

Steaming chicken in a pressure cooker using trivet