Pressure Cooker Recipes

Chicken breast steamed in a pressure cooker

If we haven't had a roast chicken I like to prepare chicken for sandwich fillings nowadays using the pressure cooker. Using the trivet and basket it's possible to use the pressure cooker to steam the chicken breast.

Chicken Stock Using a Pressure Cooker

Using a normal stock pot this used to take me 5 hours of gentle simmering to break the bones down enough to produce a good chicken stock. Since getting my pressure cooker I've been thinking about trying it out to do the same job in less time.

Lamb Curry using a Pressure Cooker

This curry was the first thing I cooked in my new pressure cooker. I bought some cheap diced lamb for this job. Normally I find this lamb/beef useless because it turns out as tough as old boots. With the pressure cooker however it tenderises the meat and makes it a lovely cheap meal.

I know it may sound I've gone a bit pressure cooker mad, but I've never had one before so it's like getting a new gadget to me. Since I've been using it I've been thinking of using a Beef Bourguignon recipe using the pressure cooker to cut the time down from the normal 5 hours.