Simple Peppercorn Sauce (Sauce au Poivre)

Sauce au poivre, or peppercorn sauce, is a great accompaniment to steak and pork chops and comes in varying degrees of strength. Some are creamy with a hint of pepper, some are dark and very peppery. Find out how to make it for yourself.

Personally I like a pretty strong peppercorn sauce. The advantage of learning how to make it yourself means you can always have you preferred strength. You can also adjust the recipe to make it thicker or more runny if necessary. It's pretty simple to prepare and all the ingredients are fairly common to most kitchen cupboards.

Ingredients for the Peppercorn Sauce (sauce au poivre)

3 heaped teaspoons of butter

1-2 dessert spoons of flour

150ml milk

100ml of chicken stock

cracked black peppercorns (You can use whole peppercorns , but you'll need to smash them in a pestle and mortar)

How to make Peppercorn Sauce (sauce au poivre)

First we need to make a quick roux with the butter and flour. Melt the butter in a saucepan over a medium to low heat, once completely melted add some of the flour and stir quickly so that it is absorbed. Keep adding and stirring in the flour until you have a thick smooth paste (you may need more or less flour, it depends on how much butter you've put in).

Get your milk and add just a touch to begin with, stirring it into the roux and only adding some more once the milk and roux have combined and there are no lumps. Continue until all the milk has been added, you can increase the amounts of milk each time. Add the stock and the peppercorns adjusting the amount of peppercorns depending on how peppery you would like the sauce.

Increase the heat to medium to bring the temperature of the sauce up, stirring regularly to ensure that the milk in the sauce doesn't burn. Once it has thickened you can serve straight away. I prefer to do this a little before serving, take off the heat and leave in the saucepan covered until it's required. I find that the sauce absorbs more of the pepper flavour, then just before serving heat it back up, taking off the skin which will have formed and adding a dash of milk if it's too thick.

There you go, easy sauce au poivre or peppercorn sauce. Very quick to prepare, you'll never need to buy it in a jar again. Just make sure you have bought some peppercorns.


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