Garlic Butter Recipe

Yesterday I needed some garlic butter to make garlic bread and I didn't have any shop bought on the fridge.

I remembered a chef who I used to work with telling me how to make my own. At the time he just told me the method to make the garlic butter but not quantities. I decided it couldn't be that difficult to work or how much of each ingredient was needed.

Ingredients for the garlic butter recipe

  • 40-50 grams of butter (unsalted or salted) at room temperature
  • a teaspoon of parsley
  • two normal sized cloves of garlic
  • pinch of salt (if you're using unsalted butter)
  • a drop of olive oil

How to make garlic butter

Finely chop the garlic, or put it through a garlic press. Heat the oil in a small pan, then fry the garlic for a minute or two.

Put the butter into a small bowl or cup. Tip the cooked garlic into the bowl, I tipped the small amount of oil in the pan too because it would have had garlic flavour. Add the pinch of salt and teaspoon of parsley. Mix together thoroughly using a fork and there you have it, garlic butter.

The garlic butter can now be chilled in the fridge for use later or used straight away.

If you prefer more or less garlic taste you can of course increase or decrease the amount of garlic used.