How to make porridge

I'm well into porridge for breakfast at the moment. It's very easy once you know how to make porridge providing you with a wholesome and filling start to the day without needing to buy expensive Ready Brek for example.

It's pretty good on calories, you get a healthy dose of fibre and the carbohydrates will give you energy to get through the morning. Even better in winter when it's cold outside because it's a warm breakfast, it feels like it lines your stomach and gives you a glow in your tummy!

Most people opt for buying the 'ready brek' style porridge, which is supposedly easy to make, because they don't know how to make porridge themselves. It's exactly the same in effect except that the oats are more crushed up. They've also added stuff to it so it's not pure oats.

Some people make porridge with water, I guess to reduce the calories and fat, but I prefer milk. Most will want to sweeten the porridge, I use a sprinkle of sugar or a teaspoon of honey. You can of course chop some fruit into it, a banana for instance so you get bursts of sweet banana flavour with the porridge.

Rolled porridge oats are much cheaper

It doesn't have the best look in a bowl, however you soon get over that once you've tasted it. The best bit is cost, you can buy a kilo of porridge oats (rolled oats) for 75 pence at the moment. Each serving is about 50g so you get a lot out of a bag. Compare that to a 'ready break' it's £4.10/kg. A no brainer, learn how to make porridge yourself!

Ingredients to make porridge for one person

You'll need a cup to measure.

  • ½ a cup of porridge (rolled) oats (about 50g)
  • 1 cup of milk or water
  • a small pinch of salt
  • a sweetner such as sugar, honey, fruit.

How to make porridge

Measure out your half cup of porridge oats and tip into a saucepan. Measure a full cup of liquid, milk or water, into the same cup. Tip into the same saucepan. Add the tiny pinch of salt. Heat gently on the hob making sure you stir now and again. It's ready when hot and the thickness it to your liking. Some people like it really thick, others more liquid, this is entirely up to you.

Pop into your breakfast bowl and add your chosen sweetener, fruit is the healthiest option of course.

Enjoy your wholesome breakfast.