How To Make A 1lb Farmhouse White Bread Loaf - Video

This is a quick tutorial of how to make a one pound white Farmhouse loaf. Not too difficult and the results are rather nice. I've made a video and split into two. One is the preparation of 2lb of dough, the second is the 1lb farmhouse.

Ingredients for 2lb of dough

20oz / 567 grams of strong bread flour

1/2 ounce / 14 grams of fat or butter

1/2 ounce / 14 grams of salt

12 fl oz / 340ml tepid tap water

1/2 ounce / 14 grams of dried yeast

Here's the first video on how to prepare the two pounds of white bread dough. If you only use 1lb of it you can either freeze the other 1lb before proving or make two loaves and freeze one after baking. This is the same video in all of the 1lb loaves...

Here's the second video on how to roll the bread dough to make a Farmhouse, cut it and bake...