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Defrosting the freezer quickly

This morning I defrosted our freezer. The job was long overdue, I'd been putting it off through pure laziness if anything. It's not a particularly fun job, but it is very necessary. 

Rolling In It – School Lunch Rolls For My Son

This week my son has started back at pre-school, he is now funded by the government for his schooling. This means he gets 15 hours a week and we've decided three of the mornings to keep him there an extra hour to eat lunch with his school friends. This does mean we now have to prepare lunches for him!

Possibly the worst omelette ever?

Seeing as this is my cooking blog and it's supposed to show lovely food all the time. I'd like to share with my creation I've just prepared for my daughter. This is what happens when you take your eye off the ball, or the frying pan is this situation...

Just to let you know I've done a few upgrades to the website this morning.

Summary of upgrades:

New Comment system including author website backlinks

RSS Feed (top right of any page)

Latest Comment Feed (top right of any page underneath RSS Feed)

Selection of Jam & Cream Doughtnuts

On Friday I made a thank you gift for a friend of mine who lined up a job for me. She was after a slice of cake, but I thought that would be a bit mean just one slice of cake. As some of you will realise I'd been learning how to make home-made doughnuts, so I decided to make a batch for her to share at the pub where I work.


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