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Home-made Jam Doughnuts

Another speedy blog entry as I have work tonight and dinner is waiting to be prepared. We do however have dessert sorted, DOUGHNUTS. Or as those crazy Yanks call 'em “DONUTS”.

Home Made Dinner Rolls

Very quick blog entry about baking with my kids. As I'm typing they are discussing the threat of war between the US and North Korea on the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2. Scary stuff, everybody should just bake instead of threatening to drop nuclear bombs.

Baking Crusty Rolls in a Bakery Oven

This week I've been asked by the bakery I deliver for to help out in the bake house. I get asked from time to time to cover holidays etc. I've been working at the bakery as a delivery driver for about 3 years now and although I'm not a trained baker I've had the chance to work with the other bakers learning how to do some parts of the trade.

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We are all busy all the time these days, me included. Everyday is packed full of important things to do and take care of.


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