I started this site last year, I think it's nearly a year in fact. Initially the idea was purely to be a receptacle for tried and tested recipes. However, with my use of Twitter in a personal way the hobby is developing.

I've wanted a place to put down some thoughts on practically any subject, which doesn't fit in with the theme of the site. But then, I was thinking... This is not a business or a professional website, it's personal hobby blog. I can do what I want with it. Plus, the name 'StusFood' has become me, especially on Twitter. It's no longer a website but part of me as a person. So I'm going to pop a new section up purely for me to write about stuff.

This stuff may be food related, but chances are I'll use it to put my thoughts down on paper so to speak. I'm getting into this writing malarkey in my old age (30's). I've not really used the things I learnt at school and now need to re-learn them, skills such as: writing; vocabulary; and grammar. I don't read, however I read a lot on Twitter. I use it like a mini-book. Some tweets I read are really cleverly worded, I'm regularly impressed with peoples usage of English and would like to try myself.

My head is a bit of a mess when it comes to thoughts, I constantly jump from subject to subject and I can't express myself quick enough sometimes. This maybe due to being around my kids so much and they do this all the time. This is definitely something that needs improving because it appears all dis-jointed and hard to read for another person if I tweet about it.

So, I'm waffling. AGAIN. To summarise...

I'm going to be writing stuff down that's in my head here, attempting to make it interesting and legible, in a structured and hopefully humorous fashion.

And, if this damn computer tells me to change one more 's' to a 'z' when it's set to English(U.K.) I'm going to hunt the programmer down and poke them in the eye.