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Palets - A not so well know French game

The other day we had a family meal at my parent's house. I took along my Palets set so that we could have a game in the garden after lunch. The majority of people know the famous French game of Boules or Pétanque where metal bowls are thrown towards a jack. However, not many know the game of Palets. 

Today is Valentine's day so I thought I'd have a go at doing some of my own versions of 'Roses are red' poems (or whatever they are called). I sent them all out on Twitter for amusement of my followers. Some are a bit rude so best not to read on if you are likely to be offended. You've been warned!

I started this site last year, I think it's nearly a year in fact. Initially the idea was purely to be a receptacle for tried and tested recipes. However, with my use of Twitter in a personal way the hobby is developing.