Tomorrow sees the start of 'The Foodie Show Dorset' which is being held at Dorchester Football Stadium 10th-12th May 2013. 

I've bought tickets for entry on Sunday 12th May 2013 and I'll be rolling up around 1pm in time to see a chef that I chat with on Twitter now and again . He'll be doing demos over the weekend.

There are others too doing demos over the weekend: Russell Brown (Michelin Star); Jean-Christophe Novelli; Richard Fox; Romy Gill.

There will be loads of exhibitors showing their products and I hope many things to taste.

Should be fun.


I bought my tickets via groupon at 50% off here but it's only available until midnight tonight (thur 9th may 2013): Foodie Show Dorset Groupon Offer 50% Off


Full details at the The Foodie Show Dorset website here: