The Apple iPhone 6 perhaps?

Well, who would have thought I'd get a snap of the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 !

Yep, that's right. I managed to get a snap of, and a go on, what seems the be the Apple iPhone 6. Tipped to be released early 2014 the iPhone 6 should be a closely guarded secret but I managed to get my hands on this prototype cunningly disguised as a child's toy.

As you can see, the iPhone 6 OS has a few changes. Apple have decided to do away with numbers 7,8,9 & 0, these are out. However, shortcut keys to lions, frogs, bees, sheep, monkeys and birds are in.

The finger print recognition seen on the iPhone 5S has been replaced with a whopping great power button. A major improvement I'm sure, Apple obviously realised fingerprint security was a completely useless feature.

Overall, no other major improvements on this iPhone 6 compared to the previous few models, no doubt they'll release the 6C, 6O, 6S, 6T shortly after. These will of course be the same stuff re-skinned and sold for a massive profit. Plus all the accessories will change so you'll have to buy those too.

Nice to get a glimpse of the phone though :)