I've never really learnt about which vegetables are in season and in which month. It's a subject that I've always wanted to find out more about. With this knowledge I'd be able to buy better tasting food, and maybe make me try new recipes with them too.

Checking the country of origin

Most vegetables are available all year round in our greengrocers and supermarkets, but out of season these would be shipped in to the UK. I assume that whilst our vegetables are 'in season' we are actually able to buy them in our shops, it will be interesting to find out. I'll be checking country of origin as I buy my vegetables throughout February making sure that they are indeed grown in Great Britain.

Supporting the local greengrocer

I work just down the road from a greengrocer, I'll be trying to use his shop to get most of the vegetables. It seems a good idea to try and support the local business rather than the large supermarkets, not only will I get good local produce but I'll be able to ask questions too. All part of the service we expect from smaller shops.

Which British vegetables are in season in February?

I've researched, from various sources, a list of common British vegetables that are in season in February. I am hoping to find some new recipes to try out which use these seasonal veg.