Seasonal Vegetables in the UK

Why yet another website listing seasonal vegetables in the United Kingdom?

Towards the end of January 2014 I wanted to find out which vegetables would be in season here in Great Britain. After my initial searches on the internet I discovered there were many websites listing vegetables that were supposed to be in season in the UK, but many disagreed with one another. I found this a little suspicious because surely this information would be the same whichever website I went to.

I decided to set myself a learning project which would run throughout the year finding out about the vegetables currently in season and noting them down here on my website for reference in the future. I will be using various sources to gather information and cross-referencing them to make sure that the information is correct. Hopefully by the end of 2014 I'll have my own complete list of local season veg which I can trust and share.

A reference list I've produced of British vegetables that are in season during March. March being the start of spring there are overlapping 'in season' veg from February and new spring additions.

I've never really learnt about which vegetables are in season and in which month. It's a subject that I've always wanted to find out more about. With this knowledge I'd be able to buy better tasting food, and maybe make me try new recipes with them too.