The spring onion is a lovely vegetable, can be used in all sorts of applications. I particularly like it with salads or as part of a fried rice dish.

The leek is a great vegetable, fairly cheap and and has a great taste to add to many dinner recipes. Fried, stewed, made into a soup; there are many ways to use the leek in cooking. I've particularly like the taste when it's in leek and potato soup.

Trying to find out when the Savoy Cabbage is in season here in Great Britain has taken some effort. It seems everyone has a different opinion, which appears to be the case with all the vegetables. It's amazing that there are so many conflicting answers!

Onions are used in many many different recipes, usually to add flavour right from the start. In my opinion they are one of the most important ingredients along with garlic. Strong tasting, they can be tamed by cooking softening their texture too.

Cauliflower certainly hasn't been a favourite vegetable of mine, however since serving it for my children I'm learning to like it. In the past I've found it bland, probably because it has been boiled to death.