I decided to write about my current project, kinda self-improvement and will hopefully change from a project to a lifestyle choice. I've never been a heavy chap, in fact quite the opposite and very skinny. I've always wanted to weigh more, but have never achieved any noticeable gain in the past. So, as of now I'm going to actively try and put weight on.

Four weeks ago I was doing a lot of hours baking, also working at my part-time job & looking after the kids full-time, and I found I was getting really bad neck pain. Whilst I was relaxing for 5 minutes I remembered I'd bought a Yoga book many years ago which has never been used. Yoga is stretching I thought, may help my neck. Well blow me, these Yoga types don't just sit around meditating they actually do a challenging workout! I was sweating and breathing hard after I'd finished, and to my joy my neck pain had lessened. Within three days of Yoga-ing (if that's such a word) my neck pain had gone result! Double result was that I noticed my tummy muscles showing again.

I thought to myself I'm onto a good thing here, after all it is a ancient way of exercising using gravity, balance and muscles working against each other. Gentle on the joints and never has a bad word said against it. Sting is renowned for practising Yoga, Google search for an image of him and you'll see a man in his sixties looking buff. I'd be happy looking that good when I'm in my sixties, actually now!

So that was the situation 4 weeks ago, I weighed in yesterday and I've put weight on. So I'm doing more, eating the same yet have gained some kilograms. I can only be muscle right? Who knows, we'll soon find out.

In the next post I'll explain how my plan has changed over the last week and the current weigh-in figures.