After my first Twitter collaboration to build a list of Sandwich Ideas For Children - Twitter Collaboration I've decided to do another, breakfast ideas for toddlers, potentially making it a regular event.

This time I'm going to be compiling classic or novel breakfast ideas for toddlers. With the help of Twitter you can submit your ideas that you think make breakfast interesting and varied for our beloved offspring.

What do you feed your children in the morning? What's their favourite? You don't have to have children, after all you were once a child. What was your childhood favourite?

As I get the suggestions in I add the to the list for all to see. Hopefully we can share good ideas to help others. They may even interest the adults reading this :)

I'm a complete porridge fan, so I've created a section just for Pimped Porridge. Yum.

You can submit your idea by using the Contact page in the menu.

Breakfast ideas for toddlers


  • Scrambled Eggs, Chopped Tomatoes & Bagels
  • Weetabix with Hot Milk
  • Pimped Porridge (How to make porridge)
  • Porridge & Cinnamon
  • Porridge & Banana
  • Porridge & Raisins


  • The usual suspects of cereals
  • Yoghurt with Grapes & Honey
  • Banana Pancakes (2 eggs, 1 banana, 2 tablespoons oats. Whizz together. Sit for 5 minutes. Cook as normal pancake)
  • American or English Pancakes (Pancake Recipe – Pâte à crêpes) (various toppings: honey, lemon, syrup, fruit)
  • Yoghurt Cake