This article is going to be updated as and when I find new sites or books that I've found interesting and enjoyed reading.

Websites & Blogs I read regularly

That Spencer Bloke - "Not a writer or a journalist, just a father with two amazing children. I blog about stuff."

Deb's Dust Bunny -"Welcome! I am Debs, a former 'Yank' now living in the UK, and the Dust Bunny is a very furry, black cat who decided to take up residence in our garden. As a result, he adopted us and we became a family of three. ..."

When I'm King - "Ever wanted to be in charge? Well, in my own little world I will be, one day. Just not quite yet. I'm a bit tired at the moment... maybe I'll take over after I've had my little nap. ..."

This is me, fluff and all! - "General moans and ramblings, freeing the cotton wool that occupies my mind."

My Pregnancy-Mummy Diary - "A journey through two pregnancies and motherhood"

Daddacool - "By day a mild mannered accountant. By night...asleep until the kids wake me up anyway. Super powers include walking over Lego barefoot AND feeling NO pain! ..." 

Tiphany Agius - "... I like to write, and have finally been convinced to join the Social Media world of Facebook & Twitter! It took some doing, but I am here, and slightly addicted! ..."

Dadbloguk - "Dadbloguk is written by me, John Adams. I’m married with two daughters, the primary carer for my children and a ... keep reading"

Superpositoire… - "An English Home Dad in France"

Reluctant Housedad's Recipe Shed - "I post daily recipes, which I develop, write and photograph myself, in my blog’s Recipe Shed category."

The Good Stuff - "Children's food blog and recipe finder"

To keep up to speed with posts I use Google Chrome browser with an RSS feed app which tells me when new posts are available. I was finding I was missing a lot of posts, this saves time as it tells you which sites have been updated. Well worth a look.

When I see updates come through I'll  be adding more sites. Check back soon, or even better add my RSS feed :)