Vegetarian Fondue

We've wanted to have a fondue for quite a while now, and easter weekend seemed to be a perfect time. We have the good idea, except my sister is vegetarian so a normal oil fondue doesn't work! Find out how to make a veg fondue...

Alors, we need a solution, Google is the only option. Type in vegetarian fondue and you get a website called which seems to have some good ideas. Well worth a look. Anyhoo, they have a 'Shabu' recipe for vegetarians that consists of a broth and steamed vegetables. The broth I made was particularly spicy! Very nice, even for the non-vegies also.

It's amazing what you can achieve without meat, and sometimes it's really nice to have a change. Sometimes I think why we bother having meat at all, then I had a chunk of the rump steak and that thought swiftly disappeared. I don't think I could live without meat, but somedays I feel the need to induldge in veg only if only to get a good dose of vitamins. Sometimes you get these cravings?

The composition of the vegetarian broth was fairly simple and took about the same time to prepare as the meat. The broth consisted of basically a vegetable stock plus soy sauce, chilli pepper, spring onion, garlic, and ginger. I'll put the exact quanitites in a recipe soon, I just wanted to tell you about it! It really is a winner.

The sauces that I prepared were honey and mustard, and chilli sauce. The honey and mustard I followed a recipe, the chilli sauce I couldn't find one that looked good so I improvised my own. It worked, and very nice it was too. I have been sensible and written down the quantities to remind myself and this too will be on the the fondue recipe (when I've type it).

Good, so light evening snack now. Will post soon the recipes for the fondue, hopefully will get some feedback. Over and out.