So, this site is one week old and the entries are starting to flow. I hope you are enjoying the recipes, I know there are not many so far. It is early days still and I'm trying to get used to this article writing, well a bit anyway.

So far I've put up the recipe for my favourite (so far) biscuits, and how to get the most out of a roast chicken. I'll be preparing the menu for our family for the week over the weekend, so hopefully I'll get time to document one or two of the meals that I prepare. Chances are high that the chicken pie will make an appearance seeing as I prep'd that cook chicken the other day. Few ingredients will need to go on the weekly shopping list and that will be a pretty cheap and very tasty meal.

If I think of any potential tips I'll try and record them in a separate section as well as in the actual recipes. This way it should be easier to find. You may already do these things, but there will be others that have never seen or heard that certain things can be done or work.

If you have any recipes or tips you'd like to tell me about I may be able to put them on the site. I can't promise I'll respond to all emails, however I will try my best to read all of them. You can email me here This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.