So time is 7 am, the kids have woken early as usual, so this means the chicken remains are in the big pot on the hob simmering. The great thing about making chicken stock is that you can control the amount of salt you put in.

I find the stock cubes you buy are quite salty and you run the risk of having too much salt in a meal. Which is never nice.

The other good thing about making stock is that it doesn't take much effort. When I was saving all the edible meat from the roast chicken I was half preparing for the stock pot. So breaking down bones and the main carcass. After you've put everything in the pot it's a matter of leaving it on the hob for 5 hours to break down those bones to extract the flavour. You can be getting on with other things.

Find out what I put into the stock later in a recipe that I'll be posting.


Here's the recipe for the chicken stock I made yesterday: Easy Homemade Chicken Stock