A quick entry. Kids are needy today. One roast chicken cooked by 10am, cooling down before being stripped of meat. Going to see how much meat can be had off it.

Plan for this roast chuck is to strip it completely of meat. Separate out, make into chunks and freeze in portions for chicken mayo filling, filling for a chicken pie. The carcass and bones will be then used to produce a chicken stock.

Will put up how to go about the chicken stock when I get a spare couple of moments, and the reasons behind going to the trouble of producing it myself.

Over and out, Stu.


Cooked Chicken Taken Off CarcassSo the chicken got picked. Best way for this is by hand. You can get into all the nooks and crannies. Total weight of meat taken off was 700 grams. So I've split this into 1 bag of 400g and another at 300g and into the freezer for a later date.

The 400g bag is the weight needed for a chicken pie, this is why it is separate. When the chicken pie comes up on the menu the only meat being defrosted will be that bag. This saves wastage.

The other bag is a reasonable weight for a couple days worth of well filled sandwiches for lunches. Once again only meat that will be used is going to be defrosted.

It's quite important that you get the meat into the freezer fairly quickly. You don't want it hanging around too long before freezing. The carcass and left overs have been put into a food bag in the fridge to be used tomorrow to make a chicken stock. I ran out of time today, the stock will take 5 hours, so this will be a job tomorrow.