Very brief blog entry to summarise some changes I've made to the Stu's Food website. I hope you like the changes.

Layout changes

Template change

I've re-skinned the site to a cleaner template. I've removed some modules from the side bars because I felt it was beginning to look cluttered.

Mobile friendly

The website should now be mobile and tablet friendly, resizing itself depending on the size of screen you are viewing it on. Let me know if it's not working correctly on your device in the comments section and I'll look into support for your device.

Advertising reduced

I felt there were too many adverts on each page. I've reduced these to a maximum of three adverts spread evenly over each page.

Comments section changes

I've decided to remove the "nofollow" from 'name urls' in the comments section. If you've entered your own website whilst submitting a comments search engines will no see these as standard links.

If the comments section is abused just to acquire backlinks I'll re-install the 'no follow' command. I moderate comments so I will notice spam.

Article re-writes

I've begun re-writing some articles because I believe they contain too much waffle. This will be an ongoing task, it takes quite a while!

Some articles will be removed from the website in due course because they are no longer current. I'll be weeding these redundant articles out as I make my way through the site.