The Market Seller Experience – Pokesdown Market 6th July 2013

On Saturday 6th July 2013 I did my first market as Stuart Edge Baking, my home/business bread baking & delivery service which I run from home. Pokesdown Market was the venue which is a small local market held once a month. It was a scorching hot day, peaked at 31 degrees Celsius, lots of passers by who stopped for a chat and bought off me.

When I agreed to do this market I really didn't know what to expect. Obviously I've been to markets before, but only as a customer. As the date approached I realised it was a big deal. Because I bake fresh produce all of it has to be made at the last minute and because it's just me that's a lot of food to make in one hit. I had no idea of quantities or which products would be popular so I just got on with baking some of everything until the cut off time I gave myself and went with that.

As some of you know I look after my children in the daytime and work part-time in a pub kitchen. The pub couldn't allow me holiday because there was nobody to cover my shift, this meant on the run up to the market I was full-time daddy, worked in the pub Thursday & Friday evening. I then baked through the night Friday/Saturday morning until 6am, packed the car for the market, did the market, packed the car and then went to work at the pub Saturday night. As you can imagine I was a little tired.The Market Seller Experience – Pokesdown Market - Bread Display

I've had great feedback through followers on my business Facebook page and Twitter, suggestions of what to do for the next one too. I'm always open to ideas of new products to try my hand at, so with a bit more foresight regarding holiday from the pub the next market should be a little less tiring.

To all those who popped by to say hello, thank you. It was great to see you on the day and made me feel more relaxed seeing a people I know. Big thank you to my wife who helped me set up and talk to people on the day too, I don't think I would have managed without her help.

So until next month's market there's going to be lots more product testing and baking. Hopefully I'll slot some time in to do some work on this blog, it's feeling a little neglected recently.

Over and out, Stuart.

The Market Seller Experience – Pokesdown Market - Sweets & Rolls