Large Hamburger Baps Made at Home

Yup, I've been baking again. All for a good reason though, fine tuning products that hopefully I'll be selling. All done at home of course.

Today I have been testing large baps which are perfect for large hamburgers at barbeques etc. I think they look pretty good, taste great too!

I had a bit of excess dough from the rolls so I made some baguettes making sure that it didn't go to waste. They look the part but personally I'd like them to be crispier like a correct French baguette, but that is rarely seen over in this country. It's down to a different type of flour I believe. Overall pleased with their look, even if someone has already had a nibble whilst I wasn't looking.

French Style Baguettes Made at Home

Not much else to report so I'll sign off there. Over and out.