Rolling In It – School Lunch Rolls For My Son

This week my son has started back at pre-school, he is now funded by the government for his schooling. This means he gets 15 hours a week and we've decided three of the mornings to keep him there an extra hour to eat lunch with his school friends. This does mean we now have to prepare lunches for him!

He's a fan of sandwiches so I've decided to make a batch of rolls to freeze so we've got a decent supply. I scaled the rolls out at 2 ounces each with gives a smallish roll, perfect for a smaller child appetite. Two different style of rolls so there's some variation, floured dinner rolls and some flatter hamburger baps.

It's the same recipe as a standard bread dough, except there's a touch more fat (butter) in the mix to make the bread a little softer. (Bread dough recipe / video)

Because I've baked these this afternoon they'll freeze and defrost really well, as soon as they are cool they'll be going into the freezer. Then one by one they can be taken out to make lunches, they'll defrost really quickly so there's no worries there. You're looking at probably half an hour or so. I prefer to slice them still frozen and they hold their form better and I usually fill rolls whilst frozen too, keeping the filling chilled a bit longer in summer months.

We did have 16 rolls, but one got nobbled at dinner. Well, you need to test one don't you!