Selection of Jam & Cream Doughtnuts

On Friday I made a thank you gift for a friend of mine who lined up a job for me. She was after a slice of cake, but I thought that would be a bit mean just one slice of cake. As some of you will realise I'd been learning how to make home-made doughnuts, so I decided to make a batch for her to share at the pub where I work.

This batch turned out lovely. I made round jam doughnuts, ring doughnuts and finally finger doughnuts. The finger doughnuts I sliced down the middle and filled with Chantilly cream with a dab of jam in the centre.

My previous update showed that the traditional round doughnuts in batch one were still raw in the centre. I thought maybe it was because they hadn't proved enough or the oil temperature was too high. I bought a cooking thermometer from Lakeland, which I must say is very good at giving temperatures but not so good when you try and use the buttons. They are a bit iffy.

Lakeland Digital Thermometer - Good but iffy buttons

Disappointingly my third batch which I did on Saturday ended up having the same problem as batch one. Raw dough in the centre of the the traditional round jam doughnuts. So even though I've said operation doughnut is complete, it's sort of back on again. Only for the round doughnuts though.

So this week I'll be making a batch on entirely round jam doughnuts. I'll do a 'how to' video at the same time, so you can see how I prepare the dough and fry the doughnuts. This will be my second video, the plan is to have a script this time to make it sound a little more professional and hopefully rid the video of 'ums' and 'ahhs'.

Wish me luck :)