Home-made Jam Doughnuts

Another speedy blog entry as I have work tonight and dinner is waiting to be prepared. We do however have dessert sorted, DOUGHNUTS. Or as those crazy Yanks call 'em “DONUTS”.

My son once again asked for dough, I'm sure he thinks it's playdoh now. Anyway, today he left his creation on the table and fell asleep on the sofa. I popped it on a tray and covered to prove then baked it for him. This is what he came up with...

Son's first bread roll

Whilst he was doing his design work, I tried for the first time to make doughnuts. It's a flour based dough, with milk, sugar and butter plus a touch of cinnamon. I was pleased with them after frying, they really did look the business.

Jam Doughnuts Nice Inside

I then added jam into the centres using a syringe, then got my son to sugar the outsides. He had trouble concentrating on the job, preferring to lick the sugar instead.

Sugaring the Jam Doughnuts

It wasn't plain sailing though. When I cut into the first one I was disappointed. They were fine on the outside, but raw at the centre. What a waste of good jam! Because I now had the hump I started cutting all of them open. Half were raw inside, half were fine. I imagine one tray hadn't proved enough before frying. You live and learn, I'll know that the dough takes a lot longer than bread dough to prove next time I do a batch (probably tomorrow). When I've got it sussed I'll post a how to recipe.

Jam Doughnuts Not Proved Enough - Raw