Or should I say 'ooo, what's hopefully growing?'. I'm trying my hand at growing stuff, cherry tomatoes to be exact. In the past I've not been especially green fingered resulting in varying degrees of success.

I had a chilli plant once, it lasted two seasons then I killed it by leaving it outdoors during the winter. I'd guess you can say that this is my own fault, which it was. I should have brought it indoors, not much can be done about that one though. I suppose you could say I'm 'brown-fingered' but this sounds very wrong.Cherry Tomato Plant Seedling

I was told by an old neighbour that it is possible to grow cherry tomato plants in hanging baskets, so that the vines hang down over the side. This is what I'll be attempting to do this year, I don't know whether it will work. I've potted two seeds, both of which have starting growing. Because I'm too impatient I've decided, after reading on one persons website, that it is possible to plant outside already even though they are young. To limit the chance of failure one seedling has been planted outside, the other is going to stay in the warmth indoors. The website explained that it still needs to be protected against the chance of frost and low temperatures so a cloche would be a good idea, I've used the the top off a 2 litre fizzy drink bottle.
Cherry Tomato Plant Seedling - In Hanging Basket
Last night was the coldest night that it has experienced, it went down to 3°C, and it is still standing so I'm taking this as a good sign. Fingers crossed that it will survive. It is a little bit of an experiment because the packet of seeds pretty much says outside is a 'no no'.

Excitement is building though, if it goes to plan there will be two lovely cherry tomato plants in the summer. I'll let you know how they are doing.