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I've neglected to update the website in quite sometime, but I'd like to start using it again with a difference.

I'll be moving away from recipe based content and onto a general blog featuring what projects I'm doing in my spare time; more as a personal journal. I'm stuggling with direction on two projects, weight gain and Forex trading, so I reckon that a journal online that others can read will give me the discipline to attack these projects properly in an organised fashion.

Well that's the plan anyway, we'll see what happens. I'll be rejigging menus etc over the next week or so and adding more content for these two new projects.

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Very brief blog entry to summarise some changes I've made to the Stu's Food website. I hope you like the changes.

The Market Seller Experience – Pokesdown Market 6th July 2013

On Saturday 6th July 2013 I did my first market as Stuart Edge Baking, my home/business bread baking & delivery service which I run from home. Pokesdown Market was the venue which is a small local market held once a month. It was a scorching hot day, peaked at 31 degrees Celsius, lots of passers by who stopped for a chat and bought off me.

Large Hamburger Baps Made at Home

Yup, I've been baking again. All for a good reason though, fine tuning products that hopefully I'll be selling. All done at home of course.


In this section I'll be adding information about local events, organisations or businesses that I know and would like to share with you.

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