Pressure Cooker

  • I know it may sound I've gone a bit pressure cooker mad, but I've never had one before so it's like getting a new gadget to me. Since I've been using it I've been thinking of using a Beef Bourguignon recipe using the pressure cooker to cut the time down from the normal 5 hours.

  • If we haven't had a roast chicken I like to prepare chicken for sandwich fillings nowadays using the pressure cooker. Using the trivet and basket it's possible to use the pressure cooker to steam the chicken breast.

  • This curry was the first thing I cooked in my new pressure cooker. I bought some cheap diced lamb for this job. Normally I find this lamb/beef useless because it turns out as tough as old boots. With the pressure cooker however it tenderises the meat and makes it a lovely cheap meal.

  • I've been using a pressure cooker this month. You may have thought the same as me and they went to heaven along with the Teasmade, but no they are still around and I have a shiny new stainless steel pressure cooker from my sister for Christmas.