• Just thought I'd share this simple tip that we use at work to stop the woks going rusty between uses. I've experienced the problem myself at home, I come to use my wok and there are little rust spots.

  • The following example is a way of cleaning burnt on food from pots and saucepans without scrubbing. Works on majority of burnt foods and oil, I've used it to clean burnt oil from a fondue bowl too.

  • Today was the dreaded oven clean day. I hate this task, has to be done though. I thought I'd share a couple of tips that I use to get the job done easier. In the past I've been scrubbing away for hours, and the oven still didn't look tip top. Now I employ a couple of methods that take the scrubbing out of cleaning the oven.

  • This morning I defrosted our freezer. The job was long overdue, I'd been putting it off through pure laziness if anything. It's not a particularly fun job, but it is very necessary. 

  • Many coffee machines get used daily, like the household kettle. We all know that over time kettles fur-up with limescale, so do coffee machines except we don't see it because it's inside. It is very important to clean or descale the coffee machine regularly.