Making the sourdough sponge dough

Ten days after the feeding process I've made a sourdough loaf.

I must admit I'm very impressed with both the taste and textures the sourdough affair produces. The crunch from the crust is a great sound coupled with its distinctive well-done tang. The interior is soft, but not to the extent of a typical white sandwich loaf. There is an great aroma too.

This is actually my second attempt at making a sourdough loaf. The first one went in the bin, it was both under-proved and under-baked. In other words, a failure. Technically then this is my first ever 'edible' sourdough loaf.

First stage was to take some of the starter, 4 fl oz (115 ml), mix it with 9 oz (255g) of strong bread flour and 10 fl oz (284ml) of luke warm water. I used white flour on this occasion, my next loaf will be a blend. This was covered and left at room temperature to begin fermentation. This took a good six or so hours, however I wasn't available to do stage two until 12 hours and it seemed quite happy still bubbling away.


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