I checked in on the sourdough starter mixture after about three hours. There were a few bubbles here and there so I decided to leave it longer.

After another four hours I checked again, there we significantly more than at the first check. I decided that this is enough change to show Boblington Riley (the name of my sourdough) is alive.

The Sourdough Starter Mixture After 7 Hours

Part 2 of the process is to feed and bulk up the sourdough mixture. I've added 8 oz (230g) of strong bread flour plus some more luke warm water to bring it back to a thick soup consistency. Another good strong whisk to get some more air in to the mixture and now I'll leave it until tomorrow morning when I'll begin the initial feeding programme.

I've put a reminder into my phone's diary, if I forget I'll have to start again! Check back tomorrow to see how things are going.


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