• Beef bourguignon recipe using a pressure cooker

    I know it may sound I've gone a bit pressure cooker mad, but I've never had one before so it's like getting a new gadget to me. Since I've been using it I've been thinking of using a Beef Bourguignon recipe using the pressure cooker to cut the time down from the normal 5 hours.

  • Beef Meatball recipe with tomato & cheese

    Beef Meatball recipe with tomato & cheese

    A really tasty dish that can be prepared before and frozen if you are looking to batch up quick meals for later in the week. The meatballs go great with pasta, rice or even sauté potatoes.

  • Chicken breast steamed in a pressure cooker

    Chicken breast steamed in a pressure cooker

    If we haven't had a roast chicken I like to prepare chicken for sandwich fillings nowadays using the pressure cooker. Using the trivet and basket it's possible to use the pressure cooker to steam the chicken breast.

  • Cottage pie crock pot recipe (slow cooker)

    Cottage pie crock pot recipe (slow cooker)

    A de-constructed slow cooker, or crock pot, version of Cottage Pie. Easy to do and a great time saver around dinner time, especially if you work during the day.

  • Egg fried rice recipe

    Egg fried rice recipe

    One of my favourite dishes which I've learnt to cook at home is this egg fried rice which tastes just like the local Chinese takeaway. It's always nice to have a takeaway of course, no cooking involved and less washing up! But we can't afford to have takeaway all of the time.

  • Falafel recipe, a great alternative to meat

    Falafel recipe

    Falafel provide a wonderful addition to a meal, giving you protein and fibre and can be used as an alternative to meat. 

  • Garlic butter recipe

    Garlic Butter Recipe

    Yesterday I needed some garlic butter to make garlic bread and I didn't have any shop bought on the fridge.

  • How to make porridge

    How to make porridge

    I'm well into porridge for breakfast at the moment. It's very easy once you know how to make porridge providing you with a wholesome and filling start to the day without needing to buy expensive Ready Brek for example.

  • Meringue recipe & Chantilly cream recipe

    Chantilly cream & meringue recipe

    Indulgent treat and really easy to make. We needed to make some cakey type treats for my wife's work, they take cakes in to share from time to time. So instead of buying them, we both produced some goodies to make them a bit different from the norm.

  • Peri peri sauce recipe (like Nando's Hot Sauce)

    Peri peri sauce recipe (like Nando's Hot Sauce)

    An extremely straightforward peri peri sauce recipe, very much like the famous Nando's hot sauce.

  • Pork & mushroom stroganoff recipe

    Pork & mushroom stroganoff recipe

    I've been looking at adding some new recipes to my repertoire to expand the choice we have for family meals. At the pub where I used to work the Stroganoff seemed to be very popular, I was always hearing it being called out through the kitchen.

  • Pressure cooker recipes for chicken curry, beef curry & lamb curry

    Lamb Curry using a Pressure Cooker

    This curry was the first thing I cooked in my new pressure cooker. I bought some cheap diced lamb for this job. Normally I find this lamb/beef useless because it turns out as tough as old boots. With the pressure cooker however it tenderises the meat and makes it a lovely cheap meal.

  • Toad in the hole recipe

    Toad in the hole recipe

    I love traditional recipes, and toad in the hole is certainly one of those. It's a really easy recipe to follow and make.